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Top 10 tips every online casino newbie should know

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So, you�ve heard about online gambling, you�ve seen a few friends play, and maybe you�ve even browsed some websites yourself. But how do you actually get into it, and is there anything in particular online casino newbie need to know before starting to play at the best online casinos? Good question.

While �getting into� online casino gaming isn�t particularly complicated. There are a few pointers worth knowing before you sign on the dotted line. Not only will they help enhance your overall casino experience, they�ll give you the edge over your competition too � and isn�t that the whole point of gambling in the first place?

1. Choose only reputable online casinos

It seems a fairly obvious point but you�d be surprised at how many new players sign up with an online gaming site before giving it a thorough vetting. While most online casinos treat their players fairly and decently, there are a few unscrupulous operators that only have their own best interests at heart. Before you make the final decision as to which online casino to sign up with, first make sure your prospective gaming site offers top encryption technology, 24/7 casino support, favorable payout percentages, and is licensed, accredited and regularly audited, like CoolCat Online Casino. Better safe than sorry!

2. Play for real

Most online casinos like CoolCat Casino will give you the option of playing for free or playing for real money when you sign up. Heck, with CoolCat Casino you can even play free online casino games without signing up. If you�re brand-new to casino gaming, starting out with the free play option is a good way of familiarizing yourself with the gaming environment. Don�t get too comfortable though � because a real money online casino is where the action is! It�s where you get to win actual cash, where you get to claim your casino bonus or loyalty rewards, where you get to participate in monthly promotions, and where you get to play for the best of the best � the progressive jackpots! Remember, free is fun, real is serious.

3. Choose the best bonus

Speaking of bonuses, you�ll want to get as much bang for your buck as you can, which means doing a little homework first. All reputable online casinos will incentivize sign-ups with a welcome bonus � and usually an extremely generous one at that. You don�t just want a good online casino, you want one that delivers in terms of value too. Find a casino that offers top quality service AND huge rewards, and you�re golden. For example, CoolCat offers 330% sign up bonus and you can also get a free $100 credit just for signing up. However, casino promotions and bonuses do have terms and conditions, so it�s important to read the fine print to understand the limits.

4. Watch out for the progressives

Most casinos will have a list of their top winners on their website home page (Dan S. won �3,936,178!) � and the progressive jackpots are how they got there. These are the big winners that never sleep, ticking over every minute of the day till their prize totals are enough to buy you that French chateau you�ve always dreamed of. So, if you want to hit the big time, make sure you place your bets when the jackpots start to reach the multi-millions. As soon as they do, it�s time to get your game on � and hopefully your luxurious new lifestyle too! Check out the CoolCat Casino homepage for jackpot totals and recent winners!

5. Play the odds

Getting ahead at your online casino is a numbers game � more specifically, it�s about knowing the odds of every bet you place. Once you begin to understand the probabilities and strategies behind the various bets available, you�ll be able to make more informed gaming decisions, and know when to click the �Bet� button and when to walk away. In general, games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette have favorable odds, which means once you�re familiar with them, it�s time to get your betting on and give the house a run for its money. For more information on how to get started with certain games and the odds, have a look at our CoolCat Casino beginner�s guides!

6. Develop strategies for success

While casino game outcomes are largely based on chance, there are some aspects of gaming that you can control to ensure your long-term success. By far the most profitable of these strategies is being able to manage your bankroll during a gaming session. Set yourself strict wagering and loss limits before every casino visit and make sure you stick to them. Never be tempted to chase your losses in order to win back money, and keep an eye on your bankroll at all times. And, most importantly, never gamble with more than you can afford to lose. When all�s said and done, casino gaming should be fun, so if you find yourself becoming anxious or stressed, it�s time to call it a day.

7. Use promotions to your advantage

In land-based casinos, players walk off with cars, cash, comps, and a whole lot more. In online casinos it�s no different � but you have to keep an eye out for the perks. Most top gaming sites will run regular promotions in order to keep their loyal players incentivized, so take advantage of these prize-packed competitions as often as you can. Check out the latest CoolCat promotions here. From loyalty points and bonus money to tournament entries and actual real-life rewards too, you�ll have a wealth of winning opportunities at your fingertips.

8. Stay loyal

Online casinos don�t just reward players for signing up � they reward them for staying too. It�s called a loyalty program, and it�s your ticket to regular bonuses, benefits and bankroll boosts. CoolCat�s VIP program is one of the best around and comes loaded with a ton of exclusive perks (link). Make sure your gaming site offers some type of VIP program before signing up, and you�ll soon put yourself in line for added extras such as loyalty points, cash back bonuses, exclusive promotions, and even a personal account manager to look after your casino experience from start to finish. Whoever said it was tough at the top was lying.

9. Take a break

We know how exciting online gaming can be � so much so that it�s possible to sit placing bets for hours at a time. It�s hypnotic, you get into the zone, it�s super easy to get caught up and carried away. However, while it can be tempting to play for extended periods, make sure you work regular rest breaks into your gaming too. Putting your play on pause can help you refocus if you feel your decision-making becoming fuzzy, and can relax and refresh you at the same time. Take a bathroom break, have a stretch, make a cup of coffee, then come back and crush it!

10. Stay (reasonably) sober

Want to have a sip of something fabulous to celebrate your win or get over your loss? Put that bottle back where it belongs. While having a drink while you play may seem relatively harmless, in fact the effects of excessive alcohol can end up working against you, clouding your decisions and leading you to make riskier bets than you normally would. Best to keep a reasonable lid on it during a session, then crack open the good stuff once you�re done for the day. Your head and your bank balance will thank you!

11. And just when you thought we were finished�

Okay, okay we know we said we would only be giving you ten tips, but this one�s so important we couldn�t leave it off the list. HAVE FUN! Gambling isn�t about being serious all the time � it�s about excitement and thrills and adrenaline, so take it all in and enjoy every minute of the action. If things go your way, celebrate! If they don�t, shake it off and come back next time fighting. And remember � no matter what happens on the casino floor, if you�re having fun then you�ll always be a winner.

Online Casino sites offers a special chance for gamers to play the video game of roulette for free. The only point you need to do is to join, and you'll receive all the cost-free spins that you can deal with. After that, you can use the web site to do some organisation. The totally free offers you can do a variety of points:

You can bet real money with other gamers who have actually joined the site. You can even ensure that you're gaining actual money with the promos on offer.

But you can additionally make complimentary rotates, if you would love to try for real money without having to spend a cent. If you do your study, you'll be able to learn about the genuine cash offered on the website.

It's constantly less complicated to obtain real cash than to get digital cash. That's why you need to take notice of the deals offered by the sites. You ought to only rely upon the trusted sites to obtain their cash.

What makes some online gambling enterprises a lot more attractive than others are the free spins that they supply. That's what the brand-new casino sites are looking for, to obtain their players to enroll in actual cash.

Yet, you have to beware with what you choose when enrolling in a new gambling establishment. Because on-line casinos are not managed by visit this website the federal government, they don't view publisher site have to give any of the essential licenses to give a level playing field. To figure out whether the casino is reputable, you need to take a look at its history reports.

Once you have actually made a decision which online gambling establishment to join, it's time to have a look at the reviews published by the players. They provide a good suggestion about the integrity of the casino, and they will assist you decide whether you need to make use of the site or otherwise. Some of the reviews are written by real players who are pleased with the game play. Other reviews are made by anonymous gamers that are disappointed with the video game. The differences between these testimonials can commonly be in the information.

To ensure about the authenticity of the reviews, you need to read them thoroughly. Of course, you should examine the sites where the evaluations are being made, prior to you take your choice.

There are a number of credible gambling establishments. There are those who require a particular down payment before you can start playing. The more vital aspect is the reality that you can generally enroll in complimentary rotates on these sites.

There are likewise complimentary spin supplies offered ahead go to these guys online casinos. You can locate these deals and also register for actual cash on these sites. You must recognize how to find these offers, to make sure that you can start playing right away.

Make sure that you understand exactly how to play the video game. If you do that, after that you'll definitely have the ability to stand the difficulties thrown by the gambling enterprises. And also when you begin playing, you'll be able to win some actual cash without investing a penny.

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